FAQs – Red Wheel

Q.“Is it possible to order your fundraising products directly? They are the best!”

A. The #1 question we get from buyers is “How can we get more Red Wheel products?”

However, we never sell direct, either in stores or online. We never compete with our fundraising distributors or their fundraising groups. So if a fundraising group contacts us, we try to connect them with a fundraising company and distributor in their area.

Today, if a consumer contacts us, we also try to direct them to a fundraising company or distributor who in turn can connect them with a fundraising group in their state selling (or soon will be selling) Red Wheel products.

Q.“How long can I keep your products in my freezer?”

A. Most folks can’t resist eating Red Wheel products immediately after receiving them, which is excellent because they’re enjoying our products at the peak of goodness! However, for those of you with amazing willpower, you can keep most of our products in the freezer for up to 6 months.

Q.“Do you take suggestions? I love your pies and would love for you to make a mincemeat pie or a banana cream.”

A. We love to get requests. We develop our food for fundraisers based on consumer demand as well as distributor demand and our ability to make and ship a quality product that people will love. We will add your suggestions to the others we’ve received and we most sincerely appreciate your interest and input. Thank you!

Q.“I heard about your great products from a sister who lives in Texas. I live in California and don’t know how/where to get your fundraising products here, especially your burritos.”

A. Unfortunately, we do not currently have a fundraising distributor in California. However, we think we soon will and have forwarded your request to the interested fundraising company in that state. In the meantime, may we suggest that your sister order more on your behalf and then ship them to you? We think you’ll discover that it’s worth it!

Q.“How can I find out about the ingredients in your products?”

A. On this website, next to every product listed, you will see a notation and link labeled “Nutritional Info.” Just click on it and it will have the information you’re seeking.

Q.“Are cooking instructions included with your products?”

A. Yes, cooking instructions or preparation instructions are included with all of our food.

Q.“How can our fundraising group get information about conducting a fundraiser with Red Wheel products?”

A. Just Contact Us (info is on the Contact Us page).We’ll try to connect you with fundraising distributor in your area.

Q.“We’re a fundraising group looking for products to sell and we were wondering if we could get a Free Tasting Kit of Red Wheel products?”

A. While we greatly appreciate your interest and your request, we unfortunately cannot send you a kit because we do not sell directly to fundraising groups. We don’t compete with our distributors. However, if possible, we’ll connect you with a Red Wheel distributor in your area so that they can help you. Once you try our products, we’re sure you’ll love them and that you’ll meet or exceed your fundraising goals by selling them. Good luck and please let us know how you do!