Egg Rolls

Great for Snacking. All Tasty & Microwavable.

NEW! Southwestern Chicken Egg Roll

East Meets Southwest to Wok Your World! 3oz Each, 8 Per Package.
With White Chicken, Black Beans, Fresh Corn, Spinach, Jack Cheese & Jalapenos.
Con Carne Blanca de Pollo, Frijoles Negros, Maíz Fresco, la Espinaca,
Queso & Jalapenos. 3oz Cada, 8 Por Paquete. Horno de Microondas.

Nutritional Information

Egg Rolls with Shredded Pork

3oz Each, 8 Per Package.

Enrollados con Carne Deshilada de Cerdo
3oz Cada, 8 Por Paquete.

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Mini Tacos

Bite-size, soft-shell tacos filled with
seasoned ground pork. Bake or microwave. 1 POUND OF MINI TACOS
Mini Tacos con carne de cerdo molida

Nutritional Information

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“ I especially love your egg rolls. I ordered them from a school fundraiser. Thank you for the best fundraising products — can’t wait to try them again!”

Joanne C, Florida

“Your (fundraising) products are awesome. I wish I had a freezer full!”

Joanie S.

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For questions or order info, email or call us at 800-235-7593.