Fundraising Companies – Distributors

Your Fundraising Company Will Ring Up Tasty Profits
with Red Wheel, Your One-Stop-Shop

  • Over 50 Different Foods from Which to Choose!… all Mouthwatering Moneymakers easy for you and your customer to sell.
  • Unique & Exclusive Products- We offer exclusive foods for fundraising to help you and your customers “stand out in the crowd”
  • Built-In Demand – People across the country know and love our products and since we NEVER sell direct to the consumer, it means consumers are clamoring to buy when your customers come calling.
  • No Risk Rewards- We offer our 100% goodness Guarantee on everything we sell. If you or your customers have a problem, we make it right.
  • Lower Storage Costs- Oder only as you need the product. We handle the warehousing
  • Fast Turn Around & Speedy Delivery – Because we manufacture and warehouse our products, we get them to you FAST, Shipping them safely for best rate/best method.
  • Big Savings on Shipping Costs – With soaring fuel costs and shipping rates why pay multiple suppliers and multiple freight costs? With Red Wheel one truck delivers ALL your frozen foods at once.
  • 30 some Years Experience – We’ve specialized in producing frozen foods for fundraising and served as an innovator in this unique industry niche since 1982. We understand your challenges, your needs, and the needs of your customers. That’s why when you call, we respond…quickly…and apply all of our knowledge and expertise to help you and your customers reach targeted goals.