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Buenos Burritos

Perfect as Snacks or for Meals, Our Burritos Are Always “In Demand.” Mild, Hand-Rolled Flour Burritos Loaded with Meat, Cheddar Cheese and Authentic Mexican Spices.

Templado, Burritos de Harina de Mano-Arrolló Cargaron con Carne, el Queso Cheddar y Mexicano Especias Auténtico.

Beef & Cheese
Blue Ribbon Top Seller!
4 Per Pkg
Carne y Queso . 4 Por Pkg.
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Chicken & Cheese
4 Per Pkg.
Pollo y Queso 4 Por Pkg
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Breakfast Burritos
5 OZ each - 4 per package

8-inch tortilla shells filled with eggs, sausage, diced green peppers, onions and a bit of country-style white gravy.

Fully cooked, just heat and go.
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Southwest Chicken Burritos
5 OZ each - 4 per package
8-inch tortillas shells filled with cooked chicken breast, sweet corn, cheese, black beans and mild, fire roasted green chiles. Fully cooked, just heat and eat. Bake or Microwave.
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Beef Enchiladas
4 per package in a 2 ½ lb tray Four large flour tortillas filled with seasoned Nebraska beef, then topped with rich enchilada sauce and cheddar cheese. Enchiladas are fully cooked. Just heat and serve with your favorite sides for an authentic Mexican meal.

Large platter is 2 ½ LBS! Feeds 4 to 6

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“The best burritos in the world! A+++.”

Jeremy S, Kansas

“I purchased some of your burritos through a local (fundraising) group and LOVED them.”

Angela W, Kansas



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