Fundraising in Iowa with Red Wheel

Beautiful Iowa. Known and appreciated as the "Food Capital of the World," it is known and appreciated by us as our home state. We’re headquartered in Council Bluffs, Iowa, just across the river from Omaha, Nebraska. Here is where Red Wheel first began and where Red Wheel products have been sold and enjoyed the longest by Iowa fundraisers, Nebraska fundraisers and their supporters.

Since 1982, fundraisers have sold Red Wheel products all across the region to reach and exceed their fundraising goals. We’ve grown because the opportunities for fundraising in America’s heartland are enormous as are the opportunities to sell and buy Red Wheel products. In fact, Red Wheel products are at all kinds of Iowa fundraisers and may be found throughout the state. For example:

  • Ames IA Fundraisers
  • Cedar Rapids IA Fundraisers
  • Council Bluffs IA Fundraisers
  • Davenport IA Fundraisers
  • Des Moines IA Fundraisers
  • Fort Madison IA Fundraisers
  • Iowa City IA Fundraisers
  • Mason City IA Fundraisers
  • Ottumwa IA Fundraisers
  • Sioux City IA Fundraisers
  • Waterloo IA Fundraisers
  • And More Iowa Fundraisers

For almost 40 years, our high-volume, high-profit fundraising foods have helped to make mountains of money for all kinds of fundraising groups. Here's how your fundraising group can do the same.

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How to Buy Red Wheel Products for Your Iowa Fundraiser

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Are You a Fundraising Distributor?

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Iowa Fun Facts

Iowa has the highest literacy rate in the US. The state produces one tenth of the nation’s food supply. Quaker Oats, located in Cedar Rapids, is the largest cereal company in the world. (Wikipedia)