Fundraising in Kansas with Red Wheel

Wild Bill Hickok, Wyatt Earp and Bat Masterson are some of the more colorful characters that decorate Kansas’ past. This wonderful state had a leading role in the development of the “wild and wooly west” and Dodge City, Kansas, was known far and wide as a cowboy capital.

Today, Kansas continues to serve as a major agriculture producer for the nation with cattle, sheep, wheat and sorghum. As the song says, “everything’s up to date in Kansas City” and 627 other incorporated Kansas cities.

The opportunities for fundraising in Kansas are significant as are the opportunities to sell and buy Red Wheel products. In fact, there are Kansas fundraisers across the state. For example:

  • Dodge City KS Fundraisers
  • Garden City KS Fundraisers
  • Hutchinson KS Fundraisers
  • Kansas City KS Fundraisers
  • Lawrence KS Fundraisers
  • Lenexa KS Fundraisers
  • Manhattan KS Fundraisers
  • Olathe KS Fundraisers
  • Overland Park KS Fundraisers
  • Salina KS Fundraisers
  • Shawnee KS Fundraisers
  • Topeka KS Fundraisers
  • Wichita KS Fundraisers
  • More Kansas Fundraisers

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Kansas Fun Facts

Kansas has a history of being progressive and was the first state to institute a system of workers’ compensation, first to regulate the securities industry and the first to permit women’s suffrage, almost a decade ahead of the Nation. (Wikipedia)