Fundraising in South Dakota with Red Wheel

South Dakota has a rich and wonderful heritage and is known for its scenic beauty, its agricultural production, the friendliness of its residents and its fundraising. It is most especially known as the home of The Black Hills, the highest mountains east of the Rockies, and epic Mt. Rushmore sometimes called, “The Faces.” Here the faces of four of the country’s greatest presidents –Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and Theodore Roosevelt –have been awesomely carved from the side of a mountaintop.

When looking upon these majestic and inspiring sculptures, a viewer might puzzle about the thoughtful expressions they appear to have. However, it has been suggested that these bright leaders could possibly be wishing for some of Red Wheel’s cookie dough, pizzas, cheesecakes and other famously fabulous fundraising foods.

Well. Perhaps not. However, South Dakota fundraisers do recognize that Red Wheel products are easy to sell, are Goodness Guaranteed and are hugely popular. That’s why you’ll find Red Wheel products at South Dakota cookie dough fundraisers, South Dakota pizza fundraisers, South Dakota cheesecake fundraisers and more for South Dakota school fundraising, South Dakota sport fundraising, South Dakota church fundraising and at South Dakota fundraisers of all kinds.

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South Dakota Fun Facts

Lead, South Dakota, is home to The Homestake Mine, the largest gold mine in the nation and the oldest continually operating gold mine in the world. It produces about 15% of the nation’s gold.