Testimonials – Red Wheel

We can repeatedly tell you that people love our Red Wheel products but we know you’d rather hear it from them. So here are just some of the comments and requests we’ve gotten from happy buyers across the country.

“Is it possible to order your burritos directly? They are the best burritos in the world! A+++.”
Jeremy S, Kansas

“I bought some cookie dough from my daughter for a fundraiser and loved it. Is it possible to buy your products online? I’ve got to have some more cookie dough and would love to try your other products. Also, our school’s profit was great. What a win-win combination!! ” Mike T, Kansas

“Last week I had the opportunity to purchase your egg rolls through my daughter’s school fundraiser. Within a couple of days, they were gone and my family is screaming for more. Is there someway I can purchase from you directly? Thanks for your wonderful products.” Karri G, Nebraska

“I recently purchased several of your (fundraising) products through a local church youth group. Because of their fine quality, they did not last long at my home. I may not be contacted again by this youth group but I would like to continue to have your fine products. Please email me back at your earliest convenience. Thank you for your response and for producing such quality products for fundraisers.” Patti L, Texas

“My boyfriend loves your burritos. Every time I ask him what he wants for Christmas, all he says he wants is a bunch of your burritos. I don’t know anyone around who is having a fundraiser. Is there any way that I can order a couple dozen burritos?” Mary Bellew, Missouri

“How do I order cookie dough from you? I just bought a container from a fundraiser here and loved it — I should have bought more! ” Patty C, Oklahoma

“I was wondering if there is any way of getting your (fundraising) products without a group or school sale? I recently bought some and it was the BEST my family has ever had. We don’t have a way of selling it, but we sure do want some more.” Melissa, Florida

“We were just wondering if you can order Red Wheel products by any other way than from fundraisers. You all have the best tasting items, and we just didn’t want to wait another year before we could order more.” Cathy V, Texas

“I recently bought a Red Wheel French Silk Pie. It was great. I would like to buy some of these pies as Christmas gifts. Do you sell to individuals? I’m interested in your other products too. ” Barney B Texas

“You guys have the best egg rolls. How can I get some if there aren’t any fundraisers going on in my area? ” Jennifer K

“Do you sell only to organizations? I bought some cookie dough from my grandson’s pre-school fundraiser and just loved them. They were so easy and convenient. I would love to try some of your other products now, plus order more cookie dough since I have run out. Please let me know. My grandson’s school could also use the extra profit generated by selling your fine tasting items!! ” Dyane R

“Your pies are wonderful! Is there any way that I could purchase some personally?” Sharon W, Texas

“Can an individual purchase your (fundraising) products or do I have to wait until next school year for my grandson to have his fundraiser? I so under-bought this year, not being familiar with your products, as did all my family members. Your (fundraising) products are awesome. I wish I had a freezer full! ” Joanie S.

“Your (fundraising) products are better than great!!! Please let me know of contacts close to me and I will let them know I am ready to purchase. Vickie B, Kansas

“I purchased several tubs of cookie dough this fall from a person selling it for their soccer team. I only ordered 3 tubs. Because Red Wheel is SOOO good, I am now almost out and am wondering if it is possible to purchase additional tubs.” Mary E

“Hi. I was reading your satisfied customer comments and I totally agree with them. I have purchased many of your food items. I especially love your egg rolls. I order them from a school fundraiser and I too would like to know if I can order directly. Thank you for the best fundraising products — can’t wait to try them again!” Joanne C, Florida

“I must have more tubs of cookie dough right away. Can you find me a group near Tampa that is selling your fundraising products — or can I buy it direct?” Deborah S, Florida

“We are interested in having a fundraiser for our martial arts class. I’ve bought from your company before and the pies are delicious. I’m told the profit is also stupendous!” Terry N

“Hi! I bought your blueberry muffin batter. I baked them after they had been in the freezer for a long time. It was fantastic. How I can buy more.” Maggie O, Kansas

“I ordered some of your product from a fundraiser and thought it was delicious and perfect for lunches or a quick snack. Is there any way to order items directly? ” Anne G, Kansas

“We just made the sticky buns and they were GREAT!!! Where or how can we purchase more of your (fundraising) products?” Mr. & Mrs. John K, Florida

“My family, friends and co-workers ordered from the cookie fundraising packet for Lister Elementary. Everyone has ranted and raved about each kind they’ve baked. My husband ordered the Chocolate Chip cookies, and they are gone. I ordered the Monster Cookie Dough and it was wonderful.” Marci C, Texas

“We ordered some White Chocolate Macadamia Nut cookies and we would like to order more! ” Heather A

“The BEST cookie dough I‘ve ever baked. We want MORE!! Can I purchase these individually without waiting for another fundraiser? We’re all having withdrawals from the bucket being empty!!!” Penny C, Texas

“I purchased some of your burritos through a local group and LOVED them. Is there any way to purchase more?” Angela W, Kansas

“I must agree with the other customers as to the quality of your products. My son had the opportunity to be involved with a fundraiser through his school and of course as a Mom I had to buy from him. The cookie dough is absolutely fabulous and the bread braids are in a class of their own. I don’t have any fundraising events coming up but we would like to purchase more. Your (fundraising) products are some of the greatest I’ve ever tasted.” Racheal

“We recently bought cookie dough from my daughter’s fundraiser at school, and we absolutely love the product. Is it possible to buy more through your company?” L. W, Texas

“Hi. I bought some of your cookie dough through a fundraiser and it was delicious. Is there any possible way to buy more? Thank you from a very happy customer.” Chelsea

“Hi. I have had your burritos before and loved them. I was wondering if there is a way to order them from you direct? Also, my wife is a teacher and she would be happy to use your (fundraising) products the next time her class has a fundraiser.” Bryan S, Kansas

“My junior class is trying to raise money for our prom. In cheerleading, we sell Red Wheel products and they are always a big hit. The people that we sell to wanted us to sell them more than once a year and we thought that this would be a perfect opportunity for prom. In cheerleading this year we raised close to $5,000, which really helped us out a lot.” Dana C

“We ordered some burritos through a fundraiser and my kids absolutely adore them! Any chance you sell direct? Or is a fundraiser the only way we can get them?” Pam