Food for Fundraising Distributors from Red Wheel

We are the manufacturer of the largest variety of frozen food for fundraising distributors in the industry. We sell more than 50 food products, all different and delicious, and we've been doing so since 1982.

Our famously fabulous products are sold through independent distributors, who in turn sell them to fundraising groups all across the country. Our mission is to sell good food in order to help fundraising organizations "do good" for themselves and others.

We back everything we sell with a 100% Goodness Guarantee.



Gourmet batters

Southwest Egg Rolls

States With Distributors


"My boyfriend loves your burritos. Every time I ask him what he wants for Christmas, all he wants is your burritos."

Mary B, Missouri

"Best cookie dough I've ever baked. We want more!"

Penny C., Texas

Cookie Fundraiser Brochure